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Maxims for Ministry

This blog posting shares five maxims, precepts, and advice that I have encountered in ministry and throughout my seminary journey. The maxims are as follows:

1. This situation will make you stronger because you should have very thick skin as a pastor.

One of the significant challenges that clergy experience is the belief by their followers and adherents that they are superhuman beings who do not have emotional feelings. However, the reality is that individuals who serve in ministry are humans and are subject to the same emotions of hurt, betrayal, and disappointment when mistreated by others.

2. As a minister/ pastor, as far as I am concerned, you should always be available no matter what.

The reality is that pastors and ministers have personal and other responsibilities that make it unrealistic for individuals to believe that they must be at their every beckon and call.

3. It would be so good if preach and teach just like our previous minister.

It may come as a surprise to some, but each pastor has their unique individual calling for service and witness to God. Therefore, it is futile to expect a new pastor to demonstrate the exact same traits as their predecessor. That is why it is essential to embrace them, for who they are and allow God to use them as ministering tools in their distinctive ways.

4. Embrace the thought that Spiritual Transformation is a continuous process, irrespective of one’s level of spiritual maturity.

Therefore, no matter our position or rank in our ministerial context, we are all continually undergoing a refining and growth process.

5. As a minister, can I please listen to your story so that I can be of service to you?

The spiritual journey throughout my seminary experience has given me a renewed appreciation for listening to the stories of those within my community and context so that I may learn their unique stories. Doing this provides an opportunity to partner together along with God the Father to bring about spiritual transformation and encourage Christian discipleship.

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Bailey, Jess. Photo of Purple Flower. June 19, 2018.

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