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欲知 Zbrush 章補充. The end of the blog is a teardown of the ZBrush 'Mental Ray' module. This applies to newer versions of ZBrush as well, but this tutorial was written for ZBrush '15. I use this version of ZBrush and it’s a work in progress so things are likely to change. Thanks to the awesome files provided by Ron that used to be on his site, I've had a go at creating this tutorial. It's a bit basic but it gets the idea across and has lots of steps to keep you on the right path. ... Most of these features could be done in other 3d modeling tools, but Zbrush is the only one I know of that supports this level of sculpting. You can find the Tutorial here: In a previous post I talked about this Mental Ray tutorial. It's based on the Mental Ray tutorial from Foundry but there are a few changes to accommodate ZBrush. If you've done any 3d modelling before then you know what Zbrush is like. The tool has loads of great features, but it's also pretty complex. This makes it a bit intimidating for people new to 3d. This tutorial was written by Lamezia [Lamezia - Twitter] and if you are a Blender User then he has a lot of great tutorials for that tool as well. This is a quick introduction to ZBrush. It is not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial. More like a quick start with lots of useful features. What's in the Demo? All this tutorial is based on a small demo that's been created for the





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Hack Ok Odnoklassniki V 1.0.rar

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