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My Soteriology Road Map

My soteriological Road Map based on John Wesley’s model of soteriology, would begin in my mid-teens around the age of 14. This would be when I would have made a personal decision to accept God’s offer of Saving Grace. Accordingly, at that point, I would have been born again and began the sanctification process. Consequently, for a number of years, I grew in my relationship with God at what now would consider to be a very pedestrian pace. Hence, I would say that I subscribed and did the basic essentials required for being a Christian. Thankfully, at the age of twenty, while resting in my college dorm room late on a Friday evening, I sensed and felt a distinct prompt from the Holy Spirit that there was more of a commitment required of me in my walk with God.

Therefore, that evening I made a re-dedication and commitment of my life to God, which I will surmise is paramount to a second repentance. Following that night, I actively engaged in more spiritual disciplines, particularly in the areas of prayer and study of the Scriptures. Similarly, I began to minister to others by becoming a member of my University’s Gospel Choir, happily sharing the gospel message in song. Subsequently, upon the completion of University, I have found my sanctification process continuing to grow and progress, as I transitioned into various aspects of spiritual servant leadership.

Therefore, as I continue my seminary journey which is predicated in being a partner in God’s missionary journey of salvation for humanity, I believe that I am currently at the point where I am on the highway headed towards the “Entire Sanctification” Toll Booth.

Image Source: Asphalt Road Between Trees. October 28, 2018.

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